Master Key Experience Week 24

Have more to get more. This week as I have been pondering this last 6 month in the MKE I realized and observed that my old blueprint is strong but the new blueprint is gaining it is sometimes most painful but nun the less its growth and I have more. I have way more tools then I did 6 months ago and I am most grateful and happy to give more.


Master Key Experience week 23

It is done before it has begun My husband and I have decided to take a huge leap of faith with leveraging other peoples money and investing in our business. As we go on with the proceedings of this adventure all kinds of fear and guilt have reared there ugly heads. Darma, Burning Desire, Positive,Mental Attitude kicked in along with the fact that you CAN change your thoughts from negative to positive just has you choose to do. So we did just that as the fear kicks in we KICK ED it out fear is the same feeling as excitement so when you turn that around you get a very positive result who would have thought that. It works every time if you believe. In light of this (which our lights are shining very bright) therefore it is done before it as begun you choose either positive or negative the only thing that all of us have control over is our thoughts. Peace be your journey.

Master Key Experience week 21 WOW FACTOR

What an amazing week for the wow factor. I have come to realize that unworthiness and self doubt is energized by FEAR. As I broaden my horizons and my FAITH in God He truly is the one who I receive my power from (living from within not from without) for my under takings of the day. Unworthiness and self doubt turns into Confidence and pushes away the that fear.I am better equipped by exchanging unworthiness and self doubt for confidence a wonderful tool. Decisions based on confidence far out way the negativeness of unworthiness and self doubt. Power and strength are in me and around me. Universal Mind we are all connected.I am a channel for MIRACLES. Peace be your Journey.

Master Key Experience Week 20 Who’s in Control

Wow what a week of confidence and the freedom of being in control of my concentrated thought. Spent my week applying my knowledge (education is the key) from MKE and my studies of crypto currencies I was able to show a new hope and faith to three different people who have been disenchanted for awhile in their lives what a glorious feeling of Being whole perfect strong powerful loving and HAPPY. I can be what I will to be. I feel like Wonder Women. DO IT NOW

Master Key Experience Week 19

Natures greatest miracle I have never thought of myself in this way,that being said I am experiencing it to be true in the person I have become to be. In the past when working on self development I always through in the towel and went back to my old ways. This time I have noticed I was able to put some pitons in going on the hero’s journey. I am so very grateful for all I have learned and continue to learn as I move forward on this journey.

Master Key Experience Week 18

I am going to be perfectly transparent this week as been the biggest challenge I have had thus far. Wanted to through my arms up and just quit. Rebellion Rebellion and more Rebellion and I remembered oh ya I am growing and those pains are challenging but there is a light my bright and shining light is worth the person I have become and what she would do is put 1 foot in front of the other and carry on. Focusing on what I want not what I don’t want. Rubbing the Aladdin’s lamp.

Master Mind Experience Week 17 Hero’s Journey

As I journey into my habit of persistent s I am learning may new ways of looking at life differently. Being you authentic self is a must you are you and nobody else was created the same. You have an Imagination use it it will serve you well. Service is given for the greater good of all .Answer the call. When your ego vanishes you become so transparent that you your light from within shines ever so brightly. Therefore I am living on purpose for a purpose. Learning and following the hero’s journey into a life of bliss.

Master Key Experience Week 17

What a week it has been many combination, connections, so much kindness …… And this week my Franklin word was organization which was a perfect fit for me and my business this week. I am heading up a large event in the Seattle area along with a event Company organization along with communication is very paramount for such an undertaking was so blessed to have had the opportunity to hone my skills and learn many different aspects of the art of event planning. My MKE experience has been so very fruitful in my growth and happiness I am very well please.

Master Key Experience Week 15


This past week I have been in my sit a lot. Many things have come up in my business that took much of my time and through me off kilter a bit. This course has taught me several different thought patterns about living from the world with out or living from the world with in. As I had several sits this week I am meeting up with my future self and she is a great gal and as I sit I will get to know her better that is how I am living from the world with in. Peace be the Journey. I am whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and HAPPY.

P.P.N. Comes to Fruition

Legacy and helping others . Week 14 Master Key experience

I promis to:

This journey with M. K.E. has had it’s all arounds. This last week my PPN was revealed and its manifestation blessed many people at the orphanage. We raised $700 for a care package. It manifested itself through my new blueprint builder. I also watched 3 movies this week. Door to Door, Mully, and Cool Runnings. All great movies. All had these things in common. A DMP (definite major purpose) a burning desire, a positive mental attitude, a plan of action, and a master mind alliance, as well as the habit of persistence. That is how my PPN was manifested! Cool Runnings is also known as “peace be the journey”. I Love it!

I always keep my promises… Bitcoin Bethany Gibbs