Why I love MKE week 5 press release

Today Oct. 18th 2018 my family and I traveled to Whitehouse Jamaica. Michael, myself, our 2 children, Chad and Kellie, and their spouses, Jarrett,  Jodi, and our grand children, Andre, Colin, Trinity and last but not least Amanda.  We arrived at the beautiful paradise for a wonderful family vacation. It is a beautiful and glorious day here in Jamaica. The temperature is a perfect 77 degrees, not a cloud in the lite blue sky. The gentle ocean breeze dances through the palm trees. Birds are singing, and my favorite bird the peacocks are are walking around displaying their awesome feathers. The fragrances of the flowers and foliage are intoxicating. one of the reasons for this exotic vacation is that I have been asked to do an interview with Clark Kent, a very intelligent man who’s life’s mission is to share success stories with the world. He is dressed casually in shorts and a beautiful green polo shirt. I am wearing a Hawaiian dress with all my favorite colors, pinks, blues, greens, and reds. The breeze brings in a wonderful sent of the ocean. We are sitting in a lovely area of the resort which offers a wonderful view of the ocean. Our waiter has brought us Jamaican coffee and pastries that look and smell delicious. I am so excited to be interviewed by Clark today. We chit chat for a few minutes then he asks the big question. “How did you do it Bethany?” What we was referring to was the huge success I had, being a 60 year old woman, who built a 15 acre orphanage for 150 children which also boast a school, a clinic, permanent buildings including offices, housing, and work shops. As well as a church, of true faithful ministers of God who teach and train all the village people in Gods work. Crops and animals are also a part of the orphanage to help feed and teach the children on various ways  of yielding the best production from such a farm. This has been my vision and dream for many years to build the Kingdom of God. So how did I finally arrive to the place in my life that I am able to undertake such  tasks? I joined a company that teaches and trains on crypto currencies and block chain. Through my training I have been very successful in trading coins. We also have 3 green X mining rigs which brings us a generous  passive income. The rest is history. As we continue to learn apply, and exercise our education, our dreams of establishing the orphanage will be manifested and real by my birthday Feb 28th 2019. We will have $777,000 in the bank and in bitcoin, and have created a legacy for our family as well as the orphanage. Living in the realm of Devine ideas, “I can be what I will to be!” Peace be the Journey.

I always keep my promises Bitcoin Bethany