P.P.N. Comes to Fruition

Legacy and helping others . Week 14 Master Key experience

I promis to:

This journey with M. K.E. has had it’s all arounds. This last week my PPN was revealed and its manifestation blessed many people at the orphanage. We raised $700 for a care package. It manifested itself through my new blueprint builder. I also watched 3 movies this week. Door to Door, Mully, and Cool Runnings. All great movies. All had these things in common. A DMP (definite major purpose) a burning desire, a positive mental attitude, a plan of action, and a master mind alliance, as well as the habit of persistence. That is how my PPN was manifested! Cool Runnings is also known as “peace be the journey”. I Love it!

I always keep my promises… Bitcoin Bethany Gibbs


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