Persistence Continued

Master key experience week 13 I always keep my promises.

Well what a week of bliss and joy. Persistence is truly paying off. My old blueprint is getting weaker and weaker, as my new blue print succeeds. My business is flourishing as I turned a huge corner last week and made a you tube channel and uploaded a video, which I have been terrified to do. I jumped off the cliff, and I am still breathing. Hallelujah! I am the bright and shining star I was intended to be. Presistant practice produces perfect presentation. Which creates a fearless victor.

I always keep my promises… Bitcoin Bethany Gibbs



Master Key Experience Week 12

I promise to:

This week my old blueprint was in full swing. As I persisted it was like a roller coaster ride for sure. What helped me most was my sits and being silent and quiet. Connecting to Omnipotent Universal Mind. I am liken to the star that brightens the earth. I persist.. I succeed.   I always keep my promises…….     Bitcoin Bethany Gibbs.

Making combo & connections


I promise to:

This last week was all about combining things I have learned and apply my knowledge to everyday. Such as, I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy. Then  connect them with, persistent practice produces perfect presentation, while staying in constant positive energy and vibration.

Did you know that your mind will will always believe everything you tell it? So Feed it faith. Feed it Truth. Feed it with Love. What soever things you desire when you pray believe you receive, then you shall have them.  Then peace will be your journey.

I always keep my promises…..                           Bitcoin Bethany Gibbs

The Battle for Nothing Like It

Week 9 . I promise to:

I went to the Tulalip  Casino on Thanksgiving for a wonderful time with my family. The grandkids could swim all day, we talked and laughed the food was great, and we didn’t have to cook or clean! 

My husband bought me a wonderful gift while there. It is a necklace badge holder with teal blue (my healing color) and a place to put my compass. I didnt realize this until I got home. That made it MORE wonderful! 

I am learning to forgive myself, and loving myself. Otherwise, I cannot love or give or receive anything for anyone.

 I am realizing that I always sabatage myself when goodness happens in my life. I made the connection with true north, focus on your dreams and concentrated thought. To annihilate all negative thought. Flick it off like the burning cinder on my sleeve.

I always keep my promises..  Bitcoin Bethany Gibbs

The Box.

                          Why I Love MKE .   Week 8

I promise to

What’s in the box?  For me it is defined as constructive, concentrated thought.  My imagination fills the box!  As I decide what’s to go in the box.  So is it with my moment by moment. I also linked and connected this to the 7 day mental diet and know that I shall not put anything negative in this box. This week was a little better with my negative thought and I was able to flick the hot cinder off before 6 seconds was up and sometimes not. I am looking forward to being able to get through the 7 days without starting over. All of this has been quite challenging as I really had no idea as to how negative I had become, but now I am clued in and can put some constructive thought and concentration to my dreams and bliss.   

I always keep my promises ………    Bitcoin Bethany Gibbs

Why I love M.K.E. week 7

Legacy and helping others

What a challenging week !#%$!

Well what the heck. The Seven Day Mental Diet was more than I wanted to handle. I actually gave up on it at day 2. I did not read The Seven Day Mental Diet in my lesson plan till Friday night when I could have read it on Monday. Big mistake. I was totally lost and more negative this week then usual.My lesson taught many good things such as, we are transformed by our minds. Choose to choose a new habit of thought, and if you are sitting near a campfire and a hot ember falls on your sleeve, flick it off immediately!  If you allow it to rest a single moment, the mischief is done, and it soon does damage.   So it is true with a negative thought. Do not allow any of these negative thoughts to move you, nor accept them.

     Starting the diet over on Monday in the realm of divine positive ideas.

I always keep my promises..              Bitcoin Bethany Gibbs

why I love M.K.E. week 6

I always keep my promises.

This past week my business exploded, and my studies have become pleasurable to do. I have learned that I have done a many things right,  now I find myself searching  for ways to do it better, to allow me to propel me in a steady forward direction. I have to admit, that I have been hard on myself when I could not complete everything perfectly. I now have the ability to change “perfectly” for allowing myself to look for ways to simply do it better.  Relief and excitement is what I felt when the burden of perfection was released from me. 

I walays keep my promises                                 Bitcoin Bethany Gibbs

Why I love The Master Key Experience Week 4 (I promise)

This week some flood gates open up I was able to write my DMP with ease more so than ever the previous weeks that took a load off of me. The cement is falling off of me and I am linking to what I have been leaning making observations like never before. When they say there is nothing like this course they are not kidding. I feels as if the black cloud of doom and gloom does not exist anymore and that brings me much peace joy and light and I am truly living in abundance for the first time of my 60 year old life. In it to Help others to win it.Living in the flow Giving and Receiving  It brings me great pleasure and contentment and privileged to be part of the Master Key Experience. I always keep my Promises. Bitcoin Bethany Gibbs

Blog week3

This is why I love the Master Key Experiance.

I always keep my promises

My journey this week has been AMAZING! Before the MKE I would always have ideas. And thats where they would remain, ideas. This week when I had an idea I implemented them and WOW! A whole new world opened up for me. I am facilitating a boot camp with my company, KGX in Jan 2019. Several of the kore leaders will be attending. My hearts desire is to help others and create a legacy. This brings me great joy and pleasure. I am drinking the seeds of success. My husband, Michael and I are monetarily supporting an orphanage in Uganda and they bless us so very much it brings tears to my eyes.
“I swallow the seeds of success and new life sprouts within me”.


I always keep my promises . Bitcoin Bethany Gibbs